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Wasteland 3: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

I built a few scripts based on the first fight (where the game starts) and I put them in a table.
More testing is required.
The table is signed to avoid CE prompt for the auto-attach script.
The table comes with these scripts:
- main script
- character hack script.
- reputation grabber script.

The main script gives you:
God mode; no comments
Infinite Ammo; no comments
Infinite AP; no comments
Infinite Precision Strikes; no comments
XP Gain mod; scales the XP you gain.
Attack Range mod; scales the distance you can shoot to.
Pointer to Money; no comments
Player test is included using fixed offsets for now, if it crashes, it's because the code has changed.

The character hack script gives you a bunch of controls as you flip from page to page or character to character:
Zero all; use this once you have spent the amount you want, this will reset all unspent points of a single character to zero on the next flip.
Attribute points; grants specified number on the next flip.
Skill points; grants specified number on the next flip.
Perk points; grants specified number on the next flip.
Same principle applies for the fixed offsets.

The reputation script exposes a few global variables.
Open character sheet and flip to the Reputation sheet, that should populate it all.
Then, ALT+Tab to CE and edit the values to your liking while you are still on the Reputation sheet.
It seems most go from -50 to 50.
- the game seems to shuffle global variables around a lot, so these are short-lived pointers.
- using a fixed offset because a "good" AOB signature could not be found. Meaning it won't work on the GOG release once an update drops.
- global vars are based on hashes, so if the hashes change, the script will need updating, too.

If, for some reason the script does not enable for the first time, tap it again.
CE mono attach seems dodgy at times.

I will do some playing and see if there's anything else worth hacking.
Zoom controls are screwed up, don't bother with higher zoom ranges (float 0 to 1 -> value points to predefined curve).
Run speed (float 6, fixed) is hackable, but makes little sense without zoom.

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Wasteland 3

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