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Watch Dogs: Legion - Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- health still drop when being hit but you won't die.
- default min health allowed: 1.

ignore ammo clip
- you can fire guns always regardless of the current ammo clip.
- if show ∞ icon is de-activated, ammo clip could goes to negative number.
- can reload guns without any ammo pouch.
- by script default, the ammo clip and ammo pouch numbers would be replaced by "∞", if you don't like that, de-activate the child-script show ∞ icon.

ignore ammo pouch
- allows you to reload guns without any ammo pouch.
- ammo pouch still decrease when you reload until it reaches zero.
- though seems redundant with ignore ammo clip made, could be useful if you think ignore ammo clip is overpowered....?

ignore $
- buy clothes anytime regardless of the remaining credits.
- credits still drop until it reaches when you buy clothes.
- doesn't work in the weapon color customization.

custom weapon slot 1
- allows you to change the weapon in slot 1 by selecting a weapon from the entry's drop-down-list or pressing some hotkeys.
- the weapon in slot 1 would revert back to the one you actually equipped when you set the entry to "disable" or de-activate the script.
- not many weapons in the drop-down list, feel free to share your findings.
- if weapon slot 1 is unholstered when you change the custom weapon either via the entry manually or using one of the hotkeys, you may need to holster and unholster the weapon once to see the change.
- the remaining ammo clip and ammo pouch would be the same as weapon you actually equipped for slot 1.

dart dot aim
- as title suggests, change the aiming circle in the dart game to a dot, should make the game a lot easier.
- it seems the swaying info is in the same structure as well. lazy to test though...

game speed mod
- when activated, allows you to change the game speed multiplier by change the custom game speed manually, or by pressing AND/OR holding keys.

Author: Cielos

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