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Wizard's Climber: Table for Cheat Engine {happyTugs}

A few things to note...

  • Kill Anti-Cheat
    • Through trial-and-error, and some stubbornness on my end, I found that a particular function (which the function's prologue is at 00418E20copies certain values (Celestine's Health/Mana, Lazlocke's Mana, turn counter, etc) and stores them in some allocated memory by calling AoiMemoryAlloc(), which will later be used for value comparisons. Simply, if a value is changed, then a copy of its original value overwrites the changed value. Afterwards, the allocated memory is freed by calling AoiMemoryFree().

      Such logic can be bypassed by placing a return on the function's prologue, allowing you to change values freely (at least from my experience).
  • General Editor
    • This editor can generally be used wherever to edit the character's hud (i.e., the hud displaying Celestine's Health/Mana, Lazlocke's Mana, turn counter, etc).
  • Acquire Menu Editor
    • This editor can only be used when whenever you have toggled the 'Acquire Menu' (i.e., the resulting menu when clicking 'Status', then 'Acquire'). This is because of how the game handles its own page(s) of memory. Therefore, memory will only be allocated whenever you are located inside the 'Acquire Menu' and, therefore, be populated with your character's skills, inventory, etc..

      What is interesting to note is that you can get a handle to the page of memory through AoiMemoryHandleAddress().
  • Debug Windows
    • This game has a library named AGS. Specifically, this library contains a few interesting library functions such AgsDebugInit()AgsDebugWindowCreate(), and AgsDebugRun(), which requires a "Debugwnd.ini" for it to successfully configure itself.

Author: happyTugs

The source of information - Wizard's Climber

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