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Wizard of Legend: Table for Cheat Engine +6 v1.1 {Cielos}

No Cooldown
(up) Enhanced Magic (table Update2.1, 20180521)
Override Key
Ignore Balance

- HP still drop but you won't die.

No Cooldown
- as title says.

Overdrive Key
- when activated, press CapsLock key to fill up the Overdrive bar (blue bar under HP).

Enhanced Magic
- all equipped magic will be enhanced as long as this script is activated.

Ignore Balance
- allows you to buy items, outfits, and magic regardless of the current gem you have.
- allows you to buy items/magic in the dungeon shops regardless of the current gold you have.
- gem/gold still decrease until they reach 0 when you buy stuff.


Author: Cielos

The source of information - Wizard of Legend

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