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Wolfenstein: New Order - Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}

Thought I'd give this title a go (after fucking up and finishing Youngblood) and see if I can get the restricted/removed content back into the game, thus allowing a more pleasant pace while enjoying the main story. I quite liked the way it's designed, the various clips occurring in key moments and so on. And to top it all, I thought I should get these resolved:

patch the ConsoleKey to just Tilde (~) (the game has the console available and accessible via Ctrl+~; which is annoying as fuck, given Ctrl key is bound to do crouching and doesn't always get triggered on combo press; not to mention no one in their right minds uses ` character in the console..)

remove CVar restrictions (some CVars are "archived in production mode", thus resetting them once set becomes impossible; others are "cannot be set in retail"; so I basically hook the spot where they're checked after idCmdSystemLocal::ExecuteTokenizedString and modify any such flag)

god command re-implemented and added to the list of console commands (I know there's an archived CVar - g_permaGodMode - yet I was interested in reconstructing the 'god' command more than using a bool)

noclip command re-implemented and added to the list of console commands

notarget command re-implemented and added to the list of console commands

The other 3 (InfiniteHealth, noPlayerDeath and noPlayerKill are idTech 6 only). Just in case you'd ask.

So.. in order for me to achieve this I had to determine how these commands work, what they make use of (pointers, offsets, what the structures represent and where's the toggle bool). And to do that I had to install both The Evil Within and Rage games from Steam. Fun fact: Rage comes in x86 and x64 flavors  So I used them as my source of study, since they have these commands in (The Evil Within doesn't have 'notarget', but I got the code from Rage and adjusted it to my needs here).

Author: SunBeam

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