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Worbital: Table for Cheat Engine v1.10.6650 {Freak The Geek}


  • Script to increase Dark Matter.
  • Script to increase money.
  • Script to prevent player/AI from losing money.
  • Script to prevent player/AI from gaining money.


  • Allow lua script to execute on load.
  • You will need enough dark matter to make a purchase before edit can be seen (see table).
  • Adding funds occasionally causes the game to switch encrypted objects. Just restart the match.
  • Preventing money gain will cripple AI. Enabling at start of match will limit them to 1 or 2 guns, which can be destroyed for a passive AI.

Side Note:
I'm sure there has to be a more elegant way to set up this table than toggling scripts.
But this was the first time I've encountered encrypted variables, and my foo is only ok.

Author: Freak The Geek

The source of information - Worbital

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