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World War Z: Table for Cheat Engine (Windows Store Version) {SovietWristwatch.jpg}


  • Godmode (Easy, Insane, Extreme) *
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Recoil
  • Easy Weapon Level Up **
  • Credits
  • Challenger Credits
  • Alternative ammo pointers

Achievement Helper:
Edit stat values for a few achievements that I determined to be time consuming.
Example: For finishing 100 games, set the value to 99 and then finish one more.

  • Builder (# out of 100)
  • Burglar (# out of 15)
  • Can't fool me (# out of 20)
  • First Aid (# out of 30)
  • Genocide (# out of 10000)
  • Madman (# out of 100)
  • Toxicomaniac (# out of 100)
  • What the doctor ordered (# out of 30)

* Careful of the charging armored zombies. If your teammates don't save you quickly, there's a chance you will be stuck on the ground.
** Hold "Tab" to set required XP to level up gun to 1. Try to avoid using it on guns that already have XP towards the next level and de-activate when not using. Might cause the game to crash.

Author: SovietWristwatch.jpg

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