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Xeno Crisis: Table for Cheat Engine (GOG) {ndck76}

Cheat Options:

Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (Need to get hit once, then activate the cheat. Player's health will reach 0 but will remain invulnerable.)
Infinite Machine Gun Ammo *Hotkey Included* (Shoot some bullets, then activate the cheat)
Infinite Grenades *Hotkey Included* (Throw a grenade, then activate the cheat)
999 Tags *Hotkey Included* (Collect 1 tag, then activate the cheat)

Note: This cheat table may or may not work for you. None of the tables or trainers available here is compatible with this version. So, this table is only made for GOG Version.

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Xeno Crisis

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