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Yakuza 0: Table for Cheat Engine {ShazamPoster}

Dragon & Tiger Parts:
This is a list of all 96 Dragon & Tiger Parts/Ingredients in a single cheat table. All part names are correctly labelled such as Iron, Lead Ingot etc.

Just load the table in cheat engine, and edit the Value column to get desired amount of ingredients.

Pocket Circuit Components:
Dream Machines provide 6 PC components. I have collected addresses of only these 6 namely Ultra Rocket Frame, Godspeed Motor Mark II, Ultra Soft Tires, Ultra Low Profile Tires, Ultra Godspeed Gears and Side Stabilizer 2.0. You can get the other ones by simply completing races, substories etc.

Load the other cheat table and the game with CE. If your desired component shows a value of 0 0 0 0 0, change it into 1 0 0 0 1.

Author: ShazamPoster

The source of information - Yakuza 0

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