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Yes, Your Grace: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

hey, yeah they get calculated differently xD
if the game wants to check the agents:
reset general/witches/hunters/pigeons to 0
loop from 0 to max_agents and for each agent ++ to the var

so little table with pointer to contentment and a Min. Agents script:
activate script and you can set a min. quantity of each agent.
default is 1 for every agent, i didnt test higher values(but 1 should be enough, coz it cant decrease if script is activ)
note : game reads the agents not every tick, so you need to change screen / talk to someone to update it, and set first the values and then activate the script to write it.

feel free to add it to your table if you want, then its pointer complete

Author: cfemen

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