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Yet Another Zombie Defense HD: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.2 (Steam) {InkyDinkyDuh}

Currently Version 1.0.2 contains the following cheats:


Teleport to Lantern

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Items

No Reload Time

Hit anywhere [Working Range seems pretty short]

Chainsaw HitAnywhere

Enable One-Hit-Kill

Give Infinite Skill Points (can be spend on next lvlup)

Display Value
* Score
* Money

Things I've found but didn't put into the table yet:
* Current night
* Time for timed mode

* Load in a game first and then activate the main script or else it can happen that the game wont load!
* The Current Hit anywhere script is more of a cheap rifle aim assist mode - I'm currently trying to figure out how to make this work for good
* The Chainsaw HitAnywhere script works perfectly use this if you want to clear huge waves of zombies - get achievment survive without taking hits etc...

Author: InkyDinkyDuh

The source of information - Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

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