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Youtubers Life 2: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Freeze Coins
Freezes the current amount of coins that you have, so nothing will decrease them. ( If you want to add coins, do go to 'Editable Values' and edit it )

- Freeze Time
Stops time to the current hour and minute.

- Infinite Energy
Energy won't decrease when recording videos, editing or doing anything.

- Longer Reaction Time
When recording a video, you'll have a really really really long time to react. So feel free to think about what to do.

- Infinite Render Points
You'll have infinite render points when editing a video.

- Clips Always Fully Connected [Video Editor]
When editing a video, all clips will be fully connected to get the maximum amount of points possible with it.

- Easy Max Reactions
A single reaction when recording a video, will max it out. So you can get 5 starts with just 2 reactions since the beginning of the game.

- Unlock Everything
Unlocks "everything", you can choose what to unlock between these: All Cards, All Clothes, All Dances, All Furniture, All Screenplays, Consoles, Games, Ingredients, Onboarding and Onboarding First Day (whatever these two are), PC Components and Special Items.
To use it, do double click the value which should be 'None', choose what to unlock, click Ok, and it'll unlock them.

- Teleport to Any Location
It allows you to teleport to any location that you want, at any point.
To use it, do double click the value which should be 'None', choose where to go, click Ok, and the game will begin loading the location and will put you there.

- Get Youtuber
Get some info from the Youtuber that you have in front or selected in the Contacts List.
In there you can change the current relationship level and points, if he/she is married or not, birthday date, and a couple more things.

- Take Scooter From Anywhere NEW
Pressing 'G' will automatically make you ride the scooter. From everywhere except for any interior.
You can change the hotkey by right clicking the address, clicking 'Set/Change Hotkeys', double click the hotkey entry, click 'Clear', press the key that you want, and click 'Ok'.

- Editable Values
Multiple editable values that you can manually change, like money, skill points, karma, storage level, house level, weather, home companion and lots more.

Author: GreenHouse

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