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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Table for Cheat Engine {Aceta Mino}

Here's my table for latest steam version (as of today) no idea if it works for you, let me know.

The only problem is that I don't know why but when you search for health (float) you get 3 addresses, one of those address must also be checked to stop the health from dropping along with the pointer health address. Basically, the pointer will make sure your health doesn't drop to zero internally, but it seems if the on screen health bar drops to zero, that will also cause you to die, so you have to stop both of them. and btw, only one out of the three is the right one to stop. i guess it doesn't matter if you check on all 3 but only 1 is required. It saved the address for me on reload, but I haven't restarted my computer, it's not likely to be the same thing if you do that, although other Ys games had this happen for me, hopefully it's not so big of a deal for you.

So, you may have to search for those addresses every time you start the game, until someone else comes along that knows what they're doing

EDIT; and to be very CLEAR you probably cannot use the top health address (the only non-pointer in the table) so if you try and freeze that address' value, you may cause serious problems to your game if it's not the right one. So don't just freeze the value, make sure it's the right address by searching for it manually first.

Author: Aceta Mino

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