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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - Table for Cheat Engine v3.2.0 {greenventor}

- LP Modifier for player and enemy
- High assessment
- Battle damage modifier (both)

- I set the default LP for the player to 100, and 0 the enemy. So basically it is insta-win condition with "LP on the brink" bonus. But you can change it to whatever you like.
- Activating high assessment will give you about 100k+ assessment. The value still not randomize because i don't know how to do it yet, but i will try to do that if i have a time.
- If you think 100k assessment is too high, you can deactivate "make all card prismatic" script, this will give you about 5k+ assessment, which is quite high already if you do a normal play. In my opinion, getting 100k+ assessment is not a problem because the script doesn't mess your statistics.
- Damage modifier is still like before. Everytime enemy/player will take battle damage, the value will be set to the chosen one. So if you activate this code, make sure your ATK is higher than your enemy. Unlike the previous table, this damage modifier is more stable. It doesn't make the game crash if you not deactivate it after using 
- Many thanks to @skippersp and @l0wb1t, as many of the AOB and code is using their works. I only edit a little.
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Author: greenventor

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