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Attack on Titan 2: Trainer +12 v11.07.2019 {MrAntiFun}


F1 - Inf.Health

F2 - Inf.Gas

F3 - Inf.Weapon Durability

F4 - Inf.Support Calls

F5 - Inf.Regiment Funds

F6 - Give All Materials

F7 - Inf.Battle Items

F8 - Inf.Horse Stamina

F9 - Freeze Timer


There are 3 trainers for Asia Build, Japanese Build and EU & NA build of the game, Simply download the trainer which is made for your game build "You can check your game build on launcher ".

For Give All Materials cheat, First activate the cheat then go to a Regiment Store "Materials Market" Then enter Purchase window. After that you should have all the resources refilled to 999, Go to your inventory by pressing ESC to see materials there.

Attack on Titan 2: Trainer +12 v11.07.2019 {MrAntiFun}

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