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Battletech (2017): Trainer +4 v1.1.0 {MrAntiFun}


F1 - Inf.Health

F2 - No Heat

F3 - Inf.Stability

F4 - Free Shop Items


First start game world and select any Mech of yours then activate the cheat, Now de-select the Mech by pressing Esc on keyboard or select another Mech and switch back, Every Mech you select which belongs to you will have super health and armor,  It won't effect enemy Mechs.

First end a Mech turn then activate Heat and Stability cheats

First go into the shop and buy anything, Then activate Free Shop Items cheat then buy any item again and it will add that item value to your budget instead of subtracting it.

Battletech (2017): Trainer +4 v1.1.0 {MrAntiFun}

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