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Insomnia: The Ark - Trainer +9 v04.07.2019 {MrAntiFun}

Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Stamina
F3 - No Thirst
F4 - No Hunger
F5 - Infinite Weight
F6 - Infinite Health
F7 - Infinite Skill Points
F8 - Infinite Ammo / Items
F9 - Infinite Money
F10 - Infinite Weapons Durability

Use money cheat at a shop, First activate the cheat then make sure you have some money tokens then buy something worth less than your total money and your money should be set to 9,999,999. Make sure you turn off the cheat right after that if you keep it on, It may effect other items only use it in the shop.

Insomnia: The Ark - Trainer +9 v04.07.2019 {MrAntiFun}

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