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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Trainer +22 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Unlimited HP
  2. Unlimited MP
  3. Edit Max HP
  4. Edit Max MP
  5. Gummi Ship Unlimited HP
  6. Gummi Ship Unlimited Energy
  7. Gummi Ship Minigame Max Score
  8. Edit Money
  9. Obtain All Keyblades
  10. Obtain All Staffs
  11. Obtain All Shields
  12. Obtain All Accessories
  13. Obtain All Consumables
  14. Obtain All Materials
  15. Obtain All Gummi Ship Blueprints
  16. Obtain All Gummi Ship Parts
  17. Unlimited Exp
  18. Exp Multiplier
  19. Unlimited AP
  20. One Hit Kill
  21. Damage Multiplier
  22. Set Game Speed

Note: Launch the game through its own launcher, choose the title "KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX", make sure the game "KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX" is running before hitting play button.

DOWNLOAD (82.55 Kb) 2021-Apr-02

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