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PULSAR: Lost Colony - Trainer +9 v20.3 Beta {MrAntiFun}

Trainer options
F1 - God Mode
F2 - Infinite Credit
F3 - Infinite Talent Points
F4 - Super Weight Capacity
F5 - Infinite Stamina
F6 - Infinite Oxygen
F7 - No Pistol Overheat
F8 - Infinite Ship Hull
F9 - Infinite Ship Shields


First start game world where you move in ship. etc then you can activate #1, #2 and #3 cheats.

For weight capacity to activate first move an item from your inventory then activate the cheat then move an item again, The point is to make changes to the current weight then activate cheats then make changes to the weight again.

PULSAR: Lost Colony - Trainer +9 v20.3 Beta {MrAntiFun}

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