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The Forest: Trainer +10 Build 3496148 {MrAntiFun}

Trainer options
F1 - Active Trainer
F2 - Infinite Health
F3 - Never Hungry
F4 - Infinite Energy 
F5 - Infinite Stamina
F6 - Infinite Battery Charge 
F7 - No Thirst
F8 - Infinite Building Resources
F9 - One Hit Kill
F10 - Super Running Speed

First enter the game world then activate the trainer "It may take up to 15 seconds to activate", Then activate the required cheats
For F5 to work first construct something and use 1 resource on it then activate the cheat, For F6 first attack an enemy once then activate the cheat, Do that and both should start working fine.

The Forest: Trainer +10 Build 3496148 {MrAntiFun}

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