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They Are Billions: Trainer +13 v1.0.4 64bit {MrAntiFun}

Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Wood
F3 - Infinite Stone
F4 - Infinite Iron
F5 - Infinite Oil
F6 - Infinite Gold
F7 - Infinite Workers Supply
F8 - Infinite Food Supply
F9 - Infinite Power Supply
F10 - Fast Recruiting
F11 - Fast Construction
F12 - Infinite Health
Numpad 0 - Super Game Speed
Numpad 1 - Infinite Research Points


  • First go into a mission and once loaded click on your headquarter then activate the trainer and resources cheat.
  • First build any structure then activate Fast Construction / Inf.Health cheats.
  • First start recruiting any kind of units then activate Fast Recruiting Cheat.
  • Health cheat includes Player Structures and Units.
  • First open Research tree window then activate Research Points cheats.
  • Cheats may take a sometime to activate, Trainer doesn't crash just wait on it until it responds again.
  • Health / Research Points cheats can be activated without activating the trainer.
  • Turn Off Speed cheat after mission is over, If you start a new mission with it, It may cause issues,  Also use it to bypass time once you are done with it, Turn it off then pause the game by pressing Space to remove its effect then unpause.

They Are Billions: Trainer +13 v1.0.4 64bit {MrAntiFun}

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