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Watch_Dogs: Trainer +19 v1.06.329.2019 {MrAntiFun}

Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Health
F3 - Fast Kill
F4 - Infinite Cash
F5 - Infinite Skill Points
F6 - Infinite Focus
F7 - Infinite Car Health
F8 - Infinite Battery
F9 - Infinite Ammo / Infinite Items
F10 - No Wanted Level
F11 - Undetected By Police
F12 - No Reload
Numpad 0 - Infinite Hacking Timer
Numpad 1 - Infinite Digital Trip Time
Numpad 2 - Infinite Spider Energy
Numpad 3 - Full Reputation
Numpad 4 - Undetected In Missions
Numpad 5 - Level +1
Numpad 6 - Add 500 Experience


Make sure your game exe file name is watch_dogs.exe.

Open Statics Window after activating cash and before using add exp and add level.

If skill points cheat doesnt work just turn it on and off couple times and move between windows like video above.

Digital Trip Time cheat doubles the time to 24 minutes and doesnt set it to unlimited so people have longer time but dont get bored.

Inf.Car Health only work for the car the user riding, It will keep the car usable but tires etc. wont be protected.

Watch_Dogs: Trainer +19 v1.06.329.2019 {MrAntiFun}

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