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7.62 Hard Life: Table for Cheat Engine {AlexS}

Stats 999 - player characteristics.
Money 9999999 - money.
Weapon without wear - weapon wear.
Labels of all enemies - all enemies are shown.

How to use.
Stats 999 - sets the characteristics and skills of the main character to 999 when starting a new game. Activate the script before starting a new game, then start the game, all values will be equal to 999 (except for the experience value). After that, the script can be disabled, this script is used only when starting a new game. Note: this script modifies real game values (including hidden values), not just "on-screen" ones.
Money 9999999 - sets the player's money to 9999999. Activate the script, talk to any merchant, press the confirmation button on the trade screen (buy or sell is not necessary), after exiting the trade screen, the money will be equal to 9999999.
Weapon without wear - the used weapon does not wear out, does not get dirty and does not overheat. Note: if you take an already worn weapon, then after the first shot from it, the wear and dirt will disappear.
Labels of all enemies - during the battle, activates the labels of all enemies in the sector (icons with distances on the right side of the screen). Note: if there are a lot of enemies in the sector, then with activated shortcuts, the game may slow down on weak computers.

Author: AlexS

The source of information - 7.62

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