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Against the Storm: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}


Don't Consume Food On Hunger; when settlers eat food, it is not consumed from storage.
Move Speed Mod; turtle mode off
Work Speed Mod; scales the speed of work in generic work
Villager Capacity Mod; allow settlers to carry more stuff
Investigation Time Mod; scales the speed of investigations (in glades)
Building Wildcards; a pointer so you can pick a number of building blueprints for free
Moving All Buildings; allows you to move almost all buildings
Hearth Range Mod; applied on level load so you might need to do a Save&Exit+Load cycle if you enable this later
Construction Cost Mod; scales the amount of materials required to construct things
Building Construction Speed Mod; scales the speed at which things are constructed
Building Production Rate Mod; scales the speed of work in generic buildings
Keep Min Goods; keeps a min. amount of goods in store. Triggers as goods are added/removed
Min Embarkation Points; grants a min. number of points
Impatience; pointer for direct input
Impatience Gain Mod; scales the amount of impatience you gain
Min Cornerstore Rerolls; grants a min. reroll points
Reputation Rewards Reroll Price Cap; applies a cap to the cost of rerolls
XP Gain Mod; scales the XP you get
Trader Travel Speed Mod; scales the speed at which traders arrive
Trade Route Travel Time Mod; scales the duration of the travel route trips

Author: Csimbi

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