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Age of Decadence: Table for Cheat Engine v1.6.0.0118 64-bit {sortajan}

I barely know what I'm doing, but I was able to find some pointers and extrapolate neighboring values by increasing the first offset by increments of 4.That's the extent of my abilities. If one of them stops working I'll just migrate to the next, but the first seems to be working fine for me.

I figured someone else might want this. Best used in addition to console commands which are, at times, much more effective (adding items, changing stats, etc;). But there were some things that couldn't be easily edited in the console (item attributes for instance).

I'd like to do the whole "register a value and then just offset from that value" thing but that's beyond my abilities and I'm not invested enough to learn. So here's what I got.

Author: sortajan

The source of information - Age of Decadence

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