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Alan Wake 2: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Enable Script Execute
This script allows you to use the Execute Command script - you can send commands/scripts to the game.
Unfortunately I didn't find really cheat commands, Im still looking so I will update that If I find something!
So there are just a bunch of commands that are to an extend useful:



nl_time_multiplier() is the most useful, you can speed up the time or create a super slomo, it's way smoother than cheat engine's speedhack!

The command to set the speed to double: nl_time_multiplier(2)
Set the speed to half: nl_time_multiplier(0.5)

There is also a command to save your game at any point, but the game can't really handle that, loading such a savegame caused on my machine that events and items that should spawn are bugged.


The command is nl_game_save() but be warned I had bad experience with it, but in case anyone wants to play around with it ... feel free

Get Health Comp
Gets the players health component, you get a pointer to your current health + a pointer to the developer god flag.
Set that pointer to 1 to enable it, do not freeze it ( freeze = tick the box of the pointer )
It's a real god mode so ( most ) enemies can't even touch you 

Enable Item Pickup Mod.
This script allows you to spawn items from any pickup, so you can choose from a list and set the item you want

Author: cfemen

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