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Arisen Force: Vonimir - Table for Cheat Engine {Cyber}


  • Invulnerability
  • Movement Speed Multiplier
  • Attack Speed Increment
  • Damage Multiplier (to enemy)
  • Damage Multiplier (to player)
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Infinite Jump
  • Jump Height Multiplier
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Skill No SP
  • Skill No MP
  • Infinite Dash
  • Infinite Item Usage
  • Items Always Drop
  • Inventory Status
  • State


  • Switch character to update character status pointers.
  • To add an item to inventory
    • Activate Inventory Status script.
    • Open Menu > Inventory to populate inventorymanager and header pointer.
    • Copy Header value and paste into Paste Header here. You only need to do it once after activating Inventory Status.
    • Select Item ID and set item quantity.
    • Activate Add Item.
  • If you receive debug errors after using add item or coin, just close the window.
  • Item Category: 01xxxxxxxxx(Weapon), 02xxxxxxxxx(Armor), 03xxxxxxxxx(Accessory), 04xxxxxxxxx(Consumable), 05xxxxxxxxx(Skill), 06xxxxxxxxx(Key Item), 07xxxxxxxxx(Material).

Author: Cyber

The source of information - Arisen Force: Vonimir

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