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Atelier Rorona - The Alchemist of Arland DX: Table for Cheat Engine {zachillios}

So here's the preliminary stuff, stats, money, time, etc. The game appears to function very closely to how Lydie and Suelle did, which makes things a bit easier. Please read the note in table extras, and be careful with the time value, freezing it could have repercussions, I've tested it mildly but haven't had any problems, but just be careful and backup save. And I will add to this as I get further through the game. If anyone could make a highlighted item script that would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if anything isn't working.

Update 1: Added most of the other characters stats, as well as a base HP value (edit this one if you want to increase the Max), added Vouchers and Popularity, read the note on popularity please.

Update 2: Added the rest of the characters stats, added friendship/assignment editor, and a small item editor.

Update 3: Finalized table, Rorona costume added, Meruru and Totori stats added, and item editor fixed. 

Made for English version 1.0.


Author: zachillios

The source of information - Atelier Rorona

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