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Betrayal at Krondor: Table for Cheat Engine (GoG) {Marc}

Features: edit/freeze Hitpoints, Stamina, Speed and Strength of all 3 Party members.
Edit gold of your party.

Please note: the characters values are filled at the very first fight. So after loading a savegame, all character stats in the table are displayed as 0.

Update 2023-09-23:

  • fixed offset for Owyn
  • changed order of characters to the order the are stored in memory
  • added Pug, James and Patrus by using the educated guess that all chars are having 5f bytes distance to each other

Author: Marc

The source of information - Betrayal at Krondor

DOWNLOAD (0.6 Kb) 2023-Sep-25

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Hello, could you edit Cheat Engine file to edit max value of Health and Stamina, please? Not only current value, but maximal. Because when is Health and Stamina too high (over 127), it makes the game buggy - unplayeble.