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Black Skylands: Table for Cheat Engine {gbxsz166}

Warning: Use of this cheat can only be activated after starting the game and loading the game.

Shiphold Capacity Address
◆ FatherShip / General Current Index
◆ Player Ship Current Index
These two items are used to delete cargo. (when you do not observe or forget the precautions of "CargoStorage Address", and do not exceed the number of cargo items currently owned)

◆ Player Ship Max Inventory
Max Inventory Value = 500, above 500 will be automatically set to 500.
It is only displayed normally on the large map, please ignore the display on the Inventory window.

Cargo Storage Address
◆ No Cost Turret Ammo / Crystal / Cargo (Move = Copy)
Hotkeys: Num + = On / Yes / Enable, Num - = Off / No / Disabled

Notice :
☆ You have to use/move the cargo once to activate.
☆ Since this cheat also has the function of copying, when changing ships or receiving mission props, please use the hotkey Num - to cancel the cheat; if you want to continue to activate the cheat, you can use the hotkey Num + .

Author: gbxsz166

The source of information - Black Skylands

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