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Blightbound: Table for Cheat Engine {SilverRabbit90}


(Active only One of this):
Hp On Damage (Immortality)
Hp On Damage (Immortality)V2 (If don't run the first version)
One hit Kill (You Enemies and alies die in One hit)
Infinite Hp For All (You - Enemies - Alies)

(Active only One of this):
Add More Hp on Heal
Add More Hp on Heal V2

Instant recharge X/LeftShift
Add 10k Gold - On pick up

(Active only One of this):
Instant Charge R1-Triangle/R-E
Second Type - Instant Charge R1-Triangle/R-E

(Active only One of this):
Instant charge Finisher on Time
Instant Charge Finisher (Sometime make enemies immortal, active and deactive for safe)

(Active only One of this):
Add 3 Specials On Use (Like heal)
Add 3 Specials In Combat
Add Specials and Generate immortal Mobs

Pointer added:
Set Hp (Immortality) - (This cheat must work on Malborys-Scarlet-Korrus I don't know if work with other PG)

Author: SilverRabbit90

The source of information - Blightbound

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