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Borderlands: Table for Cheat Engine {CyberD3m0n}


-> Experience
-> Level
-> Money (only use while you're really in game)
It apparently caps at 2.147.483.647.
-> Total Backpack Slots (watch out if you're lowering those too much, it might crash your game and inventory)
-> Health
-> Shield
-> Level-Up Points
-> Stats (the statistics, like how many kills you got)

Included scripts:
* God mode:
Should only affect the player and reset his health to maximum when he is injured. Should also get him back to his feet when he receives excessive damage. Works for the cars, too.
* God mode (alternate entry point):
Same as above, but another instruction was used to "refresh" the players health.
* God mode (pointer version):
I've grabbed the main instruction checking for health and just added one of the pointers I found with the command to constantly reset the adress pointed at to a float value of 19999.
* Shields at maximum (on foot):
Resets your shields back to maximum after you've been hit. Of course this isn't as "safe" as god mode, but I wanted to include it here nonetheless.
* Unlimited/resetting ammo:
Will return your (stashed) ammo to maximum as soon as fire a shot. Should work for all weapons that use ammo.
* Instant skill cooldown:
Will make your skill available for use again instantly after you triggered it. However, you won't be able to exploit this too much; Roland will only be able to spawn one turret, Mordecai only has one bloodwing, et cetera.
HINT: This might need you to activate and recharge your action skill ONCE BEFORE it is working correctly.
* Unlimited nitro:
Keeps your car nitro at maximum. I included a check for the player cars, just to be sure. Hope I covered all of them. Seems to be working as intended.
* Buying doesn't decrease money:
Does what it says. Tested with most of the vendors/vending machines. Might not work for some special occasions?
* Fast leveling/unlimited level ups:
Once you have a level up point, spending it on a skill won't decrease your total amount. The skill will also be max level (5) once you've chosen to increase its level.


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