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Bully: Scholarship Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {Negan}

Contains the following:
1) Unlimited Health/Godmode or Invincibility
2) One Hit Kill or Super Damage (Be careful, Allies will probably die in one hit too)
3) Unlimited Ammo
4) Get Weapon
5) Max Money (Activate cheat, pause game, go to inventory to get)
6) Max Tickets (Activate cheat, pause game, go to inventory to your tickets to get)
7) Trouble Meter doesn't increase / Cops, Prefects etc. can't bust you
8) Teleport to Saved Location (Can teleport to upto 4 Saved Locations)
9) Unlock All Weapons and secret weapons
10) Unlock All Collectibles
11) In class scripts (Freeze Timer and Ez progress for certain classes)
12) Speed Up Game Clock
13) No HUD

Author: Negan

The source of information - Bully: Scholarship Edition

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