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Captain of Industry: Table for Cheat Engine {KUDr}

IN MAIN MENU (BEFORE START/LOAD GAME) - activates all cheats below

  • RecipeProtoBuilder.State.BuildAndAdd (fast recipes)
  • RecipeProtoBuilder.State.AddOutput (no polution)
  • CropProto..ctor (fast crop growth, low fertility consumption)
  • VehiclePathFindingParams..ctor (no terrain restrictions for vehicles)
  • DrivingData..ctor (faster vehicles)
  • TransportProto..ctor (faster belts/pipes, can build them higher than 3)
  • SorterProtoBuilder.State.BuildSorter (faster sorters)
  • StorageBaseProto..ctor (storage buildings and dock modules capacity)
  • ProductProto.OnInitialize (all products can be stored, no radioactivity, can transport more at once)
  • IslandMapDifficultyConfig.DeserializeData
  • IslandMap.expandChunks (extra map chunks x8)

IN GAME - activates all cheats below

  • Shipyard.SimUpdate (shipyard capacity, fleet auto repair/refuel)
  • TravelingFleet.SimUpdate (fleet fast movement/exploration)
  • BattleFleet.HasAliveEntities (no enemy ships)
  • CargoDepotModule.UpdateProductExchange (fast load/unload)
  • CargoShip.handleDocked (auto refuel)
  • CargoShip.SimUpdate (returns instantly from the world)
  • ResearchLab.updateResearch (faster research)
  • RainwaterHarvester.SimUpdate (always full of water)
  • WorldMapMine.SimUpdateInternal (world mines cheap and fast)
  • FuelTank.consumeFuel (auto refuel vehicles)
  • ContractsManager.CanEstablish (better contracts)
  • QuickTradeProvider.CanAfford (better quick trade offers)
  • BufferedInputPorts.recalculateBufferCapacity (output buffer cap x100)
  • BufferedOutputPorts.recalculateBufferCapacity (output buffer cap x100)
  • DrivingEntity.SimUpdateInternal (faster truck dump and some excavator and tree harvester operations)
  • RecipeExecutor.GetTargetDurationFor (instant production in machines)
  • SimpleVirtualResource.MineResourceAt (infinite ground crude & water reserves)
  • MiniZipper.tryReleaseFirstProduct (throughput fix for pipe/belt connectors)
  • VehicleDepotBase.stepVehicleConstruction (free/instant vehicles in depot)
  • Excavator.handleLoadTruck (excavators always fill trucks to full capacity)
  • WasteSortingPlant.simStepRecycling (fast recycling)
  • ConstructionManager.continueConstruction (fast construction)
  • ConstructionManager.continueDeconstruction (fast deconstruction)
  • Storage.SimUpdateInternal (create/destroy product if alert qty <25% or >75% and alert is off)
  • StaticEntityOceanReservationManager.isNotOcean
  • LayoutEntityTerrainValidator.isValid

Author: KUDr

The source of information - Captain of Industry

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