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Computer Tycoon: Table for Cheat Engine {raki_can}


Change CEO/Manager skills.

This cheat table is only valid for CEO/Partner Rolls.

If you want to change a CEO skill, roll once and then change the value, just to be safe.
Don't worry, rerolling the CEO skill will reset the gauge display, but if you have the option Active, the Value for that skill will be overwritten.

If you exit the CEO Roll with them Active and show a partner, that manager's skills are completely overwritten and cannot be restored.
Also, if you reroll as is, it will overwrite the skills of all potential partners that were displayed until you deactivated the option.
(Even if you deactivate everything, their skills have already been overwritten, so when you reroll and the same person reappears, their skill gauge will be based on the new Value).

If you want to make every manager the "perfect person", change the Value of all options to 100, make them all Active and reroll until all managers are overwritten.
If you do not want to change the skills of your partners or managers, be sure to deactivate all options before completing the CEO Roll.

Author: raki_can

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