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Cozy Grove: Table for Cheat Engine {all_my_sins}

- Preload: Set Fire Radius to 500 (Lights up the whole island. Must be enabled prior to loading save.)
- Preload: Spawn Conditional Spirits (Spawns Pandam, Darla, and Ms. Carouse. Must be enabled prior to loading save. May have to load save twice to trigger.)
- Preload: Expand Clothing, Stash, Backpack Size (Irreversible. Storage can only expand. I've been using expanded storage for months without issue, but back up before using, jic updates ruin something. Must be enabled prior to loading save.)
- Instant Quest (Speak to the quest giver to turn in quest instantly.)
- Never Pay Cost on Buy or Craft
- One-Hit Fishing
- Hungry Imps Eat Anything (I stress anything. Careful what you throw.)
- Item Info (Click an item and you will be able to edit the stack count and, if a tool, the number of charges.)
- Instant X Revealer (Equip dowsing rod and move once to reveal the X. Best used in combination with Zoom Out.)
- Zoom Out (Zoom out further. Reverse scroll with the scroll wheel once activated.)
- Imp Stuff/Set All Imps to Heartbroken (Enable Imp Stuff then enable Set All Imps to Heartbroken.)
- Imp Stuff/Set All Imps to Not Hide/Not Skittish (Enable Imp Stuff then enable Set All Imps to Not Hide/Not Skittish. Imps will no longer run and hide when you approach, making fireworks easier to use.)
- Upgrade Pets On Feeding (Activate. Feed pet. Pet upgrades to next tier.)
- Instant Delivery (Crafted/Bought items that are normally sent by mail are instead given to you.)
- Critter: Really Big Net (Critter Net has screen wide radius. Catch any bug you can see by dropping your net.)
- Critter: No Critter Scare (Critters no longer get scared.)
- Critter: No Critter Movement. (Critters no longer move.)
- Fishing: Easy Mode. (The nearest fish, anywhere on the map and regardless of type, is instantly attracted to your lure. No more struggle time so caught fish can be instantly pulled from the water. No more scaring fish if you drop your bobber too close.)

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