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Crab Champions: Table for Cheat Engine {BabyGroot}


- Game Data - 

Crab Champions Version
Debug Unlock All Content?
Show HUD?
Is Invulnerable?
Slow When Underwater?
Is Immune To Knockbacks?
ls Immune To Knockback Damage?
Is Immune To Ice?
Is Immune To Fire?
Is Immune To Lightning?
Is Immune To Poison?
ls Immune To Self Damage?
CTD - Character Animation Speed
Jump Max Hold Time
Base Walk Speed
Base Dash Cooldown
Dash Speed
Dash Height
Debuff Stack Multiplier
Debuff Stack Limit
Melee Range
Melee Damage
Melee Knockback Strength
Self Damage Multiplier
Life Span Cleanup Time
----- Debuff State -----
Confusion Stack
Weak Stack
Slow Stack
Ice Stack
Fire Stack
Lightning Stack
Poison Stack
----- HC ----
Should Regenerate Health?
Has One Shot Protection?
Base Armor Plates
Base Max Health
Health Regen Amount
Health Info > Current Armor Plates
Health Info > Current Armor Plate Health
Health Info > Previous Armor Plate Health
Health Info > Current Health
Health Info > Current Max Health
Health Info > Previous Health
Health Info > Previous Max Health

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