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Crossroads Inn: Table for Cheat Engine {Atros}

Here is a scenario I made for P&P:
- 50k start money
- Uses slightly modified campaign map after the Duke's fire.
- Only Crossroads town unlocked at beginning.
- As a tavern it has all drinks unlocked in the beginning, but no food at all.
- Übermensch inkeeper Tarmo with every positive attribute. UI won't show some, but they are there.
- The whole 32x32 square building space unlocked. May cause glitches so caution advised when building outside vanilla area or huge buildings.
- Possibility to build 10+3 stories high. Could have unlocked more, but why bother. Again may cause glitches.

To use:
- Extract the file inside the zip into directory "[Crossroads inn folder]\Scenarios" (*If you don't know how, ask your parents or math teacher.)
- Choose "scenario" at the game start and then the "Tavern in the Cross"-scenario from the list.

Author: Atros

The source of information - Crossroads Inn

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