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Crusader Kings III: Table for Cheat Engine {tfigment}

Pointer Table for CK3 Characters. Tested on Steam Version.

  • Exposes Root Character + Gold/Piety/Prestige/Dread + Lifestyle Trait Points
  • Exposes Selected Character other than Root
  • Exposes Dynasty Renown and Splendor
  • Exposes Selected Holding and Build Time Left on upgrade
  • Custom Data Type added for x1000 scaled values for easier editing
  • Copy / Paste DNA Strings to change genes. Works well with Debug Mode Portrait Editor.


  • Tested on Steam Version
  • Had issues with process detaching on load so added lua to auto attach. Let me know if this causes problems
  • Did not bother handling long characters names (>15) will do so later
  • CompactDisc has a table to for keeping achievements with debug mode

Author: tfigment

The source of information - Crusader Kings 3

DOWNLOAD (49.7 Kb) 2023-Nov-14

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