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Crusader Kings III: Table for Cheat Engine {Recifense}


 - Minimum Money    (7000)           [1]

 - Minimum Renown   (7000)           [2]

 - Minimum Piety    (5000)           [3]

 - Minimum Prestige (7000)           [4]

 - Construction in 1 Days            [5]

   - Include Vassals' Provinces      [5.1] (s1.0)

 - Quick Movement (to adjacent area) [6]

 - God Mode (Army Combat)            [7]

 - Fill up Troop Size (on sel)       [8]   (s0.7)

 - Quick Siege Prog (Attacker)       [9]   (s0.7)

 - Province Full Control (on Sel)    [A]   (s0.8)

   - Include Vassals' Provinces      [A.1] (s1.0)

 - Delay Siege Progress (players' provinces)  [B]   (s1.0)

   - Include Vassals' Provinces               [B.1] (s1.0)(*)(**)

 - Minimum Cultural Innovation Progress (99%) [C]   (s1.0)

   + Quick Cultural Innovation Progress       [C+]  (s1.0)

 - Some Pointers


[1]  Minimum Money for Human Player Only (HPO);

[2]  Minimum Renown for HPO;

[3]  Minimum Piety  for HPO;

[4]  Minimum Prestige for HPO;

[5]  For HP's Holdings;

[5.1]HP's Vassals' ones can be included;

[6]  For HP's Armies;

[7]  For HP's Armies; (Commanders can get hurt or die)(Knights can die)

[8]  When a HP's Army is selected; (it may tabke a while to update display)

[9]  For HP's Armies only;

[A]  For HP's controlled provinces (those that belong to YOU); (when selected)

[A.1]HP's Vassals' ones can be included;

[B]  For HP's provinces only; ((those that belong to YOU))

[B.1]HP's Vassals' ones can be included; (*)(**)

[C]  You should have a look at the Culture TAB, at least, once;

[C+] It will be concluded on the first update; (it depends on [C];

(*)  It will not work, if it belong to a vassal's vassal;

(**) Remembeer to disable it when you are not at war. Or a vassal of yours will not conquer another province of another vassal of yours. :) 



1) Run CE70 or greater;

2) Run Game;

3) Load the game process "ck3.exe" in CE;

4) Load this table and activate the main script;

5) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;

6) Game On

Author: Recifense

The source of information - Crusader Kings 3

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When I use cheat engine on ironman games, it won't save on exit. Is there a way around this?
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when i tried to use it on ironman game it didn't check and says error in line 122
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it worked after i don't know what happen but it worked after i played more TY   happy
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bro please update