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Crush Crush: Table for Cheat Engine {igromanru}


  • Scripts
    • No Messages Cooldown (Smartphone)
    • Free Store Items
    • Girls
      • Meet Hearts Requirement
      • Meet Requirements
      • No Talk Cooldown
    • Gifts
      • Unlock All Outfits
      • Outfits cost no Diamonds
      • Outfits cost 1 Diamond
    • Jobs and Hobbies
      • Max Hobby Level
      • No Job Cooldown
      • Max Job Experience (highlight a job)
  • Pointers
    • CurrentGirl Pointer
    • GameState Static Pointers
      • Money offset
      • Diamonds offset
    • Playfab Static Pointers

How to change Diamonds?
1. Open Pointers->GameState Static Pointers
2. Switch to game to do something then check if the pointer was triggered
3. Now if you can see the current "Diamonds" Value, change it.
4. Go to Option "More" and Save your game.
5. Done, now you have changed the Diamonds value. Even if you don't see it in game now, you can use them

How to change Money?
1. Open Pointers->GameState Static Pointers
2. Change "Money" value.
3. Done. The change will be shown in game after the next time game change the money value.

How to unlock NSFW content?
To unlock the NSFW option in settings and automatically enable it, simply activate the "GameState Static Pointers".
It has a script inside, that will enable the NSFW for you.
You can also use the Pointer to switch on/off the "NSFWAllowed" and "NSFW" flags manually.

How to unlock seasonal rewards and payed content?
1. Activate the "Unlock All Rewards / Girls" script
2. Open the "More" menu and save your game in one of the slots
3. While the script is active, load the save from the same slot
4. Verify that everything that has no requirements is unlocked
5. Save your game again

Author: igromanru

The source of information - Crush Crush

DOWNLOAD (18.7 Kb) 2024-Mar-25

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link is dead think? pls fix
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Hey there, do you think it would be possible to convert the table for Nutaku somehow? Works perfectly on Steam but not on Nutaku :s Thank you for the good work smile
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how do i get the files to work?
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hobby maxing isnt working for me, is there something im doin wrong? almost everything else does work tho
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Can someone help me- I don’t know how this work but I only used cheat engine once for 999,999 diamonds and it’s the only on I know
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Can someone help open all LTE characters
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How do I use this on mobile?