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Cuisineer: Table for Cheat Engine {lmrlmax}


- Unlimited HP

- 1 Hit kill

- Skill Cooldown

- Infinite Ammo

- Instant Dash

- Player Data

- Item

- Time

- Reputation

- Furniture

+ Everything with "is" or "?": 1 is On, and 0 is Off. Default Value is 0. Ex: is Everything Free?, you need to change the value to 1 to get everything free.
+ For Move Speed Modifier and Pass Enemies?, you need to freeze the options, because if you get attacked it will revert to original value.
+ If you use Time Stop then Open Time Data, The value in Time Data will appear as "??", you can fix it by activate Time Continue Script.

The source of information - Cuisineer

DOWNLOAD (9.3 Kb) 2023-Nov-14

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