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Cygnus Enterprises: Table for Cheat Engine {Garrett Dark}

- Combat & Base Masteries editing
- Attribute & Skill Points editing
- Stamina editing
- Credits editing
- No crafting component consumption
- HP editing
- Energy editing
- Ammo editing
- No Alt-fire cooldown
- No Skills cooldown
- Infinite Rolling

- The AOB scripts are acting kind of weird for this game, they take like 30-60 seconds to activate for some reason.
- Also sometimes things need to be done in-game before activation for it to work, there are notes on the table for such. ie. you have to alt-fire once before activating the "No Alt-Fire cooldown" script or it won't activate (after the 30-60 second wait from above, successful activation will also take 30-60 seconds)

Author: Garrett Dark

The source of information - Cygnus Enterprises

DOWNLOAD (6.7 Kb) 2024-Jan-09

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