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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands - Table for Cheat Engine {gibberishh}

To use, run the game in DosBOX (Darksun.exe if you download from the above link) then open the table. Or simply open the table -- it will launch the game by itself.
You can edit every stat of your character: attributes, xp, levels, race, classes, gender, spells/psionics learnt, number of spell slots, whether Turn Undead is available, ceramic pieces (money), possibly some other stuff that I am forgetting. You are not restricted to your chosen sphere: you can assign any (all) spell or psionic ability (and Turn Undead) to any character. Mage spells are available if any of your classes is Preserver. Cleric spells are available if any of your classes is a priest.

The table allows the following hotkeys:
Alt+A: Make all your characters super-powerful (25 all attributes, 60 attacks, 100 movement steps, 100 HP, 100 psionic points). Note that using this cheat with a high-level warrior might actually be a downgrade for their Max HP. Adjust accordingly.
Alt+S: Set all spell slots at all levels to 15 and give all spells and psionic abilities (level 10).
Ctrl+R: Restore full health and psionic points for all characters.
Alt+G: Freeze and allow increase of HP, Psionics and Spell Slots (effectively Godmode).
Alt+L: Level up all your classes to 9. You need high Preserver/Cleric/Druid levels to be able to access spells of higher levels.
Be careful with this; it assumes that all your characters have 3 classes. If you have a character with only one or two classes (e.g., 3-0-0 or 3-3-0), the hotkey will not check for the zero and still update the levels to 9-9-9. Or you might have dual-dual-classed a character. In which case you might prefer 7-8-9 as your levels to make sure you have access to abilities from all three classes. It is safer to individually change the levels of your characters instead of using this hotkey.
Alt+Left: Collapse all characters to reduce clutter.

Under each character, you can check the box next to Spell Slots, Spells and Psionics to expand them. Under Spell Slots, you can assign how many slots of each level you have. Under Spells, you can assign specific spells to that character by changing 0 to 1. Under Psionics, you can assign specific psionic abilities by changing 0 to 8. Note that 8 is Level 1. The ability level progresses in multiples of 8 (8-16-24) so if you want very high abilities, enter the appropriate amount.

Much better: just double-click the empty value next to Spell Slots, Spells and Psionics. You can enter a number for Spell Slots and that will be how many slots you have at all levels. For Spells and Psionics, you can choose to enable all in one go. Alternately, you can also double-click the empty value next to a particular spell level/psionic type and enter 1 or 8 to enable all spells of only that level/type.

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