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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager - Table for Cheat Engine {gibberishh}

To use, run the game in DosBOX (Darksun2.exe if you download from the above link) then open the table. Or simply open the table -- it will launch the game by itself.
You can edit every stat of your character: attributes, xp, levels, race, classes, gender, mage spells/psionics learnt, number of spell slots, whether Turn Undead is available, ceramic pieces (money), active spell effects, ... However, you are still restricted to your chosen sphere and class for spells. To override this, enable No Spell Restrictions (it mimics the in-game Alt+F4 cheat).

The table allows the following hotkeys:

  • Alt+A: Make all your characters super-powerful (25 all attributes, 60 attacks, 100 movement steps, 200 HP, 200 psionic points). Max HP and Psionics will be set to 200 only if they are not already above 200.
  • Alt+S: Set all spell slots at all levels to 15 and give all spells and psionic abilities (level 50).
  • Ctrl+R: Restore full health and psionic points for all characters.
  • Alt+G: Freeze and allow increase of HP, Psionics, Max HP, Max Psionics and Spell Slots (effectively Godmode).
  • Alt+L: Level up all your classes to 20. You need high Preserver/Cleric/Druid levels to be able to access spells of higher levels. Although the game cap is 15, I have set this to 20 so you can access higher level mage and cleric spells. OR you can enable No Spell Restrictions and then your class level won't matter.
    Be careful with this; it assumes that all your characters have 3 classes. If you have a character with only one or two classes (e.g., 7-0-0 or 7-7-0), the hotkey will not check for the zero and still update the levels to 20-20-20. Or you might have dual-dual-classed a character. In which case you might prefer 13-14-15 as your levels to make sure you have access to abilities from all three classes. It is safer to individually change the levels of your characters instead of using this hotkey.
  • Alt+N: will bump up the current leader's XP to 10 points below what they need to reach the next level. This is different from the built-in cheat T in two ways: 1) it will not actually take you to the next level but you will achieve it on your next kill or quest milestone. 2) T bumps up your XP until all your classes are at the next level, but this cheat only bumps up XP to what you need to achieve the next level for one class. To quickly do this for all party members, cycle through 1 Alt+N 2 Alt+N 3 Alt+N 4 Alt+N on your keyboard while all overlay screens are off in the game.
  • Ctrl+E: All party members will have: Iron Skin, Free Action, Protection from Weather, Cloak of Bravery, Prayer, Negative Plane Protection, Protection from Evil, Bless, Spell Immunity, Improved Haste, Spirit Armor, Protection from Missiles, Blur, Gaze Reflection, Enlarge, Energy Containment, Biofeedback and Mind Blank (only if you have it memorized) active on them. Note that this will overwrite any effects you already have active -- beneficial and negative ones (even those coming from gear). The game allows a maximum of 72 effects across all characters + Mind Blank which is handled separately. The above combination already accounts for 18x4=72 effects + Mind Blank. After using this, you will not be able to add any more effects.
  • Ctrl+Shift+E: will erase all effects -- including negative ones and gear effects. After using this you can simply re-equip all your gear to get back to 'normal'.
  • Alt+Left: Collapse all characters to reduce clutter.

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