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Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

Table Functions:

  • [Player] Immortality (No Damage) - Makes you immortal (You don't take damage).
  • [Player] Quick Dash - Lets you to make a quick dash (When using the "Alt" key).
  • [Player] Long Dash Distance - Lets you to make a long-distance dash.(When using the "Alt" key).
  • [Player] Infinite Flying (Glide) - Lets you to fly no time limit (While holding the "space bar")(Only if you have a special item).
  • [Player] Slow Fall While Flying (Glide) -Lets you fly and fall with less force.
  • [Player] Add Souls [Press key "H"] - The "H" key adds you +250 souls.
  • [Player] Always Available Anger - Anger mode is always available.
  • [Player] Infinite Anger Stage - The anger lasts until you turn it off yourself.
  • [Player] Infinite Energy - Energy will not be decreased when you use skills.
  • [Player] x50 Weapon EXP - The experience multiplier for weapons (You can set any value you want).
  • [Player] Fast Swimming - The player is a fast swimming.
  • [Ranged Weapon] Rapid Fire (Pistols and all other long-range weapons) - You're very fast firing a long-range weapon.
  • [Ranged Weapon] Infinite Ammo (All the other long-range weapons) - An infinite ammo for ranged weapons.
  • [Horse] Infinite Horse Sprint - An infinite sprint for the horse.
  • [Player] Teleportation [To teleport in the direction of the camera - Press key "T"] - Lets you teleport to the side where the camera is looking.
    • "1" key to go up and "2" to go down at coordinate Z
    • "Z" key for teleporting enemies (The key "Z + 1" increases the distance and "Z + 2" decreases it.)
    • "G" key for accelerate the flight
    • "Y" key Freeze the Fall
    • "T" To teleport in the direction of the camera
  • [Beholder's Key] no pop-up message on pickup - When you pick the key up from the chest, no pop-up message will be showing.
  • [Items] will not be removed [Beholder's Key/Sword for Statues etc.] [Enable/Disable function - hotkey "K"] - When you use any item, it will remain in your inventory.
    • If the function is activated and you try to pick up a ranged weapon then the game will crash
  • [Enemy] Approaching distance of enemies - Set how close your enemies can get to you.
  • [Enemy] Enemies don't attack you - Enemies see you and don't attack.

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