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Death Must Die: Table for Cheat Engine {mriswith}


  • Game Rules changes apply to the next run
  • Invulnerability seems to work, if not:
  • Activate/Lock Health to prevent most damage from killing you(can't prevent more damage than you have health)
  • Activate/Lock Run Time to freeze the time
  • Character stats are layered and not finished.
  • Settings reset between runs and some things might need to be turned off and on again for now(like invulnerability and XP)
  • It can take up to 5-6sec to update the address on a new run.

Item Editing:

  • Only edit the actual stats on the item(don't go outside the address range, which is is usually the first 1-5 Affixes, but can go higher)
  • Place the item in the inventory and reequip for changes to register.
  • There are a few affixes missing a full name still, but it will show up as a short name like "arn%" or similar(do not edit any affix with an empty name!)
  • affix levels/values are not always a direct value to that affix. So you might need 250 to get crit 100% for example, while on others 18 is 18%.

Author: mriswith

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