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Death Stranding Director's Cut: Table for Cheat Engine {ak4ver}


  • Player Base
    • Current BP
    • Max BP
    • Current Stamina
    • Max Stamina
  • Infinite Happy Baby & Boot Durability (Fixed, Thank you Rhark)
  • Infinite Boot Durability (Just in case above stops working for whatever reason)
  • Infinite Vehicle Durability
  • Always Light Weight
    • If you check your cargo, you'll see the regular weight as expected, but Sam can carry/walk/run with as much as the game will let him but as if it were lightweight/small cargo.
  • Prevent Backpack Damage (Thank you, SIDIL)
  • Prevent Backpack Luggage Container Damage
  • Materials (Have to access the 'Claim Materials' at distro centers to populate)
    • Chiral Crystals
    • Resins
    • Metals
  • Vehicle
    • Durability
    • Max Durability
    • Visual Condition (0 = Rustic, 1 = Clean)
    • Vehicle Battery
      • Current Battery
      • Max Battery
  • Infinite Exo Battery
  • Instant/Easy build to Level 3 (Thank you iethanhuntz)
    • Instant/Easy build structures to level 3 with only 1 resource and doesn't matter what quantity.

Author: ak4ver

The source of information - Death Stranding

DOWNLOAD (10.9 Kb) 2022-Apr-09

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