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Deep Rock Galactic: Table for Cheat Engine {ray2160}


Unlimited Health/Drilldozer/OHK
Unlimited Shield
Unlimited Ammo
No Overheat
Fire rate
Unlimited Grenades
Unlimited Flares
Unlimited Sentry Ammo
Sentry Fire rate
Unlimited Sentry Guns
Unlimited Pickaxe Special
Unlimited Oxygen
Unlimited Resources/Currency
Max Resources While Pickaxing
Max Resources collected
Unlimited Driller Bombs
Unlimited Driller Drill Fuel
Unlimited Gunner Shield Generator
Dig Size Multiplier
Easy Fester Fleas Killed
Easy collect First Mission
Easy collect Secondary Mission
Scrip Credit
Peak Points
Mega Resources (end of mission)

Author: ray2160

The source of information - Deep Rock Galactic

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