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Devil May Cry 2 HD Collection: Table for Cheat Engine {EyeOfTheMind86}


One Hit Kill: You can one shot any enemy, bosses included.
1) Invulnerability + Max HP: Your character doesn't suffer damage, won't stagger and the current health will be set to your current Max HP.
2) Infinite Devil Trigger: It allows your character to have Infinite Devil Trigger.
3) Items Don't Decrease: If you use an item, its count will never decrease (didn't test it with key items, if a key item won't be deleted from the inventory on use, even after mission completion, please let me know).
4) Infinite Double Jump: Allows the character to jump indefinitely while in mid air.
5) Always Majin Devil Trigger (Dante Only): It allows Dante to use his Majin Devil Trigger Form at all times, instead of his classic Devil Trigger. The Script also allows Dante to go back to his human form by pressing the Devil Trigger button again, so no need to wait for the trigger bar to deplete, however you will lose all your Trigger bar instantly when switching back. This hack pairs perfectly with "Infinite Devil Trigger" as it allows you to toggle to Human/Majin Form indefinitely.
6) Super Jump: Makes your character jump higher than normal, it affects the air jump as well.
7) Speed Hack: Your character's acceleration (delta) is affected, making him/her run faster. The Devil Trigger form and amulet are also affected by the boost, I made the hack to specifically target the "run" animation to avoid making it compromise situations like jumps or fights.
8) Always S Rank At Mission Clear: Self explanatory, all the scores are set to S therefore achieving S rank at mission completion.
9) Fast Melee Weapon Switch: Just an utility hack, it allows you to switch between your currently unlocked melee weapons, while in human form, using the DPAD buttons or directional arrows if using keyboard, doesn't work during combos. Current set up is as follows:
Left = Rebellion/CutLaseer, Up = Merciless/Klyamoor, Right = Vendetta/Zambak.

The table also provides general Game Data (mission,character,inventory,etc.) by toggling on the "Game Data" group.
Here it is possible to perform certain operations like editing the number of inventory items, or forcing a specific game mode or character costume before loading a mission. Other modifications can be performed here but not everything has been tested properly so proceed at your own discretion, and obviously don't use character specific features on a different character, as it may crash the game.

Author: EyeOfTheMind86

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